For all those who are local, we are offering the seminar “Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success” in cooperation with Jacaranda Tree Montessori in Amsterdam, on October 17, from 20h00-22h00.

This seminar is aimed at parents (or parents-to-be) who have either decided on bi/multilingualism for their children, or are considering it.
The seminar covers the basic theory of bilingualism, including linguistic, cognitive and social aspects, and then moves into the practical aspects of planning for bilingualism. We look at early bilingualism, bilingual families, bilingualism through location, and school-based bilingualism. Parents of children of all ages will find something to learn from this seminar.
Professionals working with young bilingual children will also find this seminar useful, to help them better understand and support language development in creches, child care, or schools.
For more information and for registration, visit the Jacaranda Tree website.

Hope to see you there!