on raising bilingual children

Helping you navigate your unique family language journey while raising a child with more than one language.

Personalised Consultation

Family Language Planning Package

Are you wondering where to start or how to best juggle your family languages? Do you need in-depth professional advice on your current approach? We will take a deep dive into your family language situation and work with you!

In this 3-part package, we offer:

  • A 90-minute introductory session. In preparation for this session, you will receive a short questionnaire requesting key information about your family’s language situation as well as your wishes, ideas and vision going forward. During the session we will discuss all the details of your unique family story as comprehensively as possible.
  • A personalised Family Language Plan. After the session we will develop a comprehensive, personalised Family Language Plan for you, including practical advice and actionable strategies that best suit your unique family situation and concrete challenges.
  • A 60-minute follow-up session. After you have read and trialled your Family Language Plan, we will conduct a follow-up session to discuss any additional queries that might have come up along the way.

Reach out and let us be a part of your journey!

Image by Michal Parzuchowski on unsplash.com

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