on raising bilingual children

Helping you navigate your unique family language journey.

Theory-into-Practice Seminars and Workshops on Bi-/Multilingualism

We offer actionable strategies and theoretical information about bi-/multilingual child development, rooted in the latest scientific research and best practices, including a multitude of topics, such as:

  • What is bi-/multilingualism
  • Common myths and facts
  • Family Language Planning and how to set your goals
  • Choosing a school
  • How to support your goals
  • etc.

The seminars and workshops are based on Eowyn’s latest book ‘Bilingual Families – a Practical Language Planning Guide’.

Some groups they could be relevant for include:

  • parents and caregivers
  • expectant and new parent groups
  • community / minority-language groups
  • healthcare professionals – nurses, doctors, midwives, etc.
  • childcare organisations
  • schools
  • community and weekend schools
  • parent-teacher associations

Image by Mick Haupt on unsplash.com

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