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From here on my sofa (I always blog on my sofa…) in Oxfordshire, I welcome you from wherever you are reading. So far I have had readers from 166 countries and I am always happy to welcome more!

You may be here because you are already raising your children to be bilingual, you may be here because you are thinking about raising your children to be bilingual, or you may just have an interest in bilingualism. Whatever your reason, I hope you find here some answers to your questions, and some questions for your answers. I have an academic background in child bilingualism and bilingual education, and I am also raising three children, with three languages. My most popular seminar is “Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success” seminar, which i have delivered to thousands of families around the world. If you are interested in organising a seminar or having your organisation or school do so, please contact me for details.

My blog is an effort to combine my two worlds, incorporating both important theoretical aspects about bilingualism but also practical aspects, and even sometimes political aspects. With my company, Crisfield Educational Consulting, I do training for parents and teachers on bilingualism and bilingual education, and I also do research on integrating language learners in mainstream schools and classrooms.

So settle in on your sofa, preferably with a cup of tea, and read along. If you have a question that I haven’t already answered, or a clarification, please feel free to comment – I am happy to do blog posts inspired by reader questions, and I promise to answer yours too!



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my name is Stefania Contu and I have participated to today’s seminar on bilingual children at the Gems World Academy. I would love to receive the presentation you did today 25th January 2016.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Stefania Contu

  2. Hi Eowyn I have just listened to your seminar , thank you I found it very enlightening – I am an early childhood educator in Australia – is it true that children learning more than one language should always receive the same language from the same person otherwise it is confusing ? We are thinking of introducing a second language in the classroom – would the Spanish educator always have to speak only Spanish ? If parents speak a different language should they only speak the one language to their child ie each parent speaks a consistent language ?

    1. Hi Monique. That is a complicated question… the short answer is that no, children do not get confused when a person speaks different languages with them. There is a lot written on the Internet that is incorrect about that particular issue. However, if you are introducing Spanish to a group of English speaking children, for language aquisition purposes, then the more English the teachers uses, the less Spanish they will hear. It’s often good to think about purpose in terms of language – if the purpose is emotional or behavioural support, then best in the language they know best. If the purpose is play and learning, then a additional language can be used. Hope this helps!


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