on raising bilingual children

Helping you navigate your unique family language journey while raising a child with more than one language.

Personalised Consultation

Targeted Consultation

Have you already chosen a path for your family’s multilingual journey but still have questions? Your story is unique and carries specific nuances, bringing about varied individualised queries along the way even if you have already set your goals.

We will meet you where you are and explore the questions and concerns that you will have sent us in advance. We will take 30 minutes to address and discuss these and other issues that might come up as we go along. Together we will look at your family language situation, delve into the possibilities at hand and find the best solutions to adapt to your personal language environment.

If at the end of this session you would like to delve further into these topics and have us develop a Family Language Plan for you, the fee will be rolled into the Family Language Planning Package.

Image by JESHOOTS.COM on unsplash.com

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