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Supporting the international bilingual community

Crisfield Educational Consulting (CEC) is an accredited educational consultancy, providing services to families, schools and companies.

What we do:

Visit our other pages for more information about individual or group services, or visit the blog for more information about bilingualism.  We also have a number of recommended resources you may like to look at.

If you are a bilingual family : 

Our most popular seminar is “Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success”. This seminar is offered through a variety of community organisations as well as in-company for large multinationals. CEC also offers private Family Language Planning consultations.

If you are a school with high numbers of language learners:

CEC offers a wide range of training seminars and workshops for teachers and staff, from one-off sessions, to whole-school training. CEC offers consultation services independently or in addition to the training sessions, to help you tailor your language programs to best meet the needs of all learners and staff, and maximize your resource potential.

CEC also offers in-school seminars for parents, in the “Parents as Language Partners” program, designed to inform parents of their critical role in supporting their children to successful bilingualism through school.

If you are a company with multinational and expat employees:

CEC offers in-company seminars for bilingual families as well as “Language Surgery” days and school placement advising.

CEC also offers seminars for employees working in a second language, dealing with expectations and challenges for non-native speaker employees.