Crisfield Educational Consulting for Schools: Supporting staff; supporting learners

CEC promotes a holistic approach to languages in schools, in which leadership, teaching staff, support staff and parents work together to encourage academic, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional growth through all a child’s languages. This approach focuses on building and sharing knowledge about bilingualism through education, and developing collaborative practices involving all members of a child’s “learning team”.

The Whole-School approach is particularly useful for schools with high numbers of non-native speakers, as it maximises the potential support for learners and ensures that all staff have an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of working with emergent bilingual pupils.

School coaching: CEC believes that good professional development is not always a one-off event, and that too often after PD sessions staff are left enthusiastic but thinking “But now what”? School coaching can help staff move from acquiring new knowledge to confident implementation. The coaching process moves through four phases:

  1. Data collection – meeting with leadership and staff, gathering documentation of current practice and programs
  2. Specific professional development – based on the data gathered, a PD program will be proposed
  3. Longitudinal coaching – a series of meetings (in-person or via Skype) to support leadership and staff as they implement new knowledge and practices
  4. Review – assessing impact and potential next steps

Sample INSET/Professional Development

  • Bilingualism in Education: Understanding your learners
  • EAL in the Classroom:  Key strategies and best practices. (Early years or Later Years)
  • School Language Policy Planning
  • Developing a Bilingual Education program
  • Literacy for Young Learners/Middle Years/Secondary School
  • Collaborative Curriculum: Cross-language learning support
  • Assessment with Empathy and Accuracy
  • Translanguaging as a Pedagogical Tool in Multilingual Classrooms
  • Language Development or Learning Difficulty: Untangling the Web
  • Parents as Language Partners

Schools can choose from the ready-made training modules, or request a bespoke seminar/workshop to address a particular issue.

Consultancy Services:

  • EAL program evaluation/restructuring
  • Program development for bilingual education
  • Materials development for staff training


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