Crisfield Educational Consulting: Supporting Bilingual Families

Choosing to raise children bilingually is both a gift and a responsibility. Parents embarking on the journey and parents already on their way need support and information to ensure they make the best choices for their children. Eowyn offers the following services for families:

Regular seminars on Raising Bilingual Children
Early Years, Focus on School and Literacy, Encountering Difficulties, Raising Children with Three or More Languages

If you would like your organisation or school to host a parent seminar, please contact us for details of arrangements.

Family Language Planning
A Family Language Plan is a document that tracks the language priorities and paths to bilingualism for mobile families. By anticipating the language needs of the children, and best practice to reach the goals of the parents, a language plan helps parents keep on track for successful bilingualism. Working with families to meet their specific criteria, Eowyn helps families understand the principles of family language planning, and helps them create a Family Language Plan that fits with their needs and goals.