Have you already chosen a strategy to manage your home language(s), but would like to know what other options you might have? Or maybe you already know about other language management methods and are wondering about mixing them? Are you worried that combining them would be counterproductive and, potentially, fatal for your child’s language development? If that’s you, then get ready for an exciting and informative webinar that will inspire you, empower you and connect you with other parents and caregivers who are in the same boat as you.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the three most popular family language management strategies and briefly explain how each of them works as well as lay out what its advantages and challenges are.

But here is the big question: Can you mix these strategies, or should you only stick to one consistently? Many parents wonder if they can blend different approaches to suit their family’s unique needs and circumstances. Others, however, are certain that consistency is the absolute key to success and that mixing strategies may confuse children and undermine their language development. We will explore these questions together, provide you with practical tips and show you how to leverage the strengths of each strategy.

Register now and don’t miss this fun and engaging opportunity to learn, connect and ask your most burning questions! Take your family’s language journey to the next level and discover new ways to nurture your children’s language skills!

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