Seminar: Raising bilingual (and multilingual!) children: Six building blocks for success (April 12)



My “Raising Bilingual Children” seminar is one of my favourites; I’ve been working on it for years, and each family I meet contributes to my understanding on bilingual/multilingual families and adds to my “book learning” and research background. I pack as much good information as possible into the 2-hour session, along with some moments of humour and time for asking questions. So if you are raising your children with two or more languages, this session will give you a solid understanding of the elements for success, and how to consider your family situation to make the best plan possible (and then how to change the plan when you need to….).

Join us on Thursday, April 12 ( 8 PM – 10 PM) at Buurtcentrum De Boomsspijker

Recht Boomssloot 52, 1011EC Amsterdam, Netherlands to find out how you can support this amazing process.

In the seminar, Eowyn Crisfield will approach both the theory and practice of raising bilingual children through a “six steps” format that will guide you to overcome issues and doubts.

Duration of the seminar: 2 hours
Fee: 35 €/person, 50 €/couple (incl. BTW)

In order to reserve your spot please email:
(Subject: Bilingual Seminar) with all your details.

Payment information will be communicated on registration

Thank you


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