2018: The Year of the Q&A


I made my first blog post here exactly 6.5 years ago today, and since then I have posted 195 times (not all original content), for an average of not quite 2 posts a month. I’ve had periods when I posted more frequently, and periods when I posted less, always of course linked to how busy I was in my professional life. In that time my blog has been accessed from 187 countries, which leaves me only 7 countries to reach! Over the last two years I’ve been very busy with writing and working with schools, and haven’t been spending as much time working with parents and families. I’d like to rectify this by reaching out to my readers, and asking for their specific concerns and questions. I think this will be beneficial for two reasons:

  1. I have written about many, many aspects of raising bilingual children over the years, and I often choose not to write about subjects I have already tackled. But I know that not all my readers spend time going through the archives, so it would be nice to get prompts about topics you would like to hear more about.
  2. When I do parent sessions, I never manage to fully answer the questions posed by the long line of parents that want to talk to me after the seminar. I know (as a parent of bilingual children myself) that sometimes we really want the answer to our question, about our child. Even if we’ve heard something in the session that is pertinent, or read about it, it can be reassuring to know that the answer is directed specifically to you, and not generally to the whole audience.

So I invite you all to send me your questions, and I will answer them here, as blog posts. I will let you know when the post is scheduled, so you know when to pay attention! Please feel free to share this with all your friends who are also raising bilingual children, so they can send their questions too. I would like to do one post every two weeks, so I need 26 questions to get through the year – get in quickly!

Much happiness and many answers in 2018!


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