You may have noticed (if you notice these things…) that’s it been a bit quiet on my end these days. I keep telling myself that I will blog “manyana” and well manyana never comes…. it’s not for lack of interest, it’s really just for lack of time (and sometimes inspiration).

Cue drum roll for excuses… I’ve just been really, really busy… Good busy, but busy nonetheless. I now lecture two days a week in a pre-service teacher training program (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), which gives me the opportunity to try and impact attitudes and practice about bilingualism in schools, which I think is so important. And I’ve had the chance to work with so many great schools over the last couple of years, from the German European School of Singapore to the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa and also local schools in the Netherlands as well. So it’s not that I’ve stopped caring about bilingualism and bilingual education, it’s just that I’m so busy talking about it that I have no time to write about it!

I’m planning several upcoming posts on schools and school issues, inspired by some of my work over the last year. I’d be delighted to write more posts for parents as well, but I am sadly lacking inspiration for new topics (I’ve written so many already!). If you are a parent with a question about your child’s bilingualism, or your plan, and you’d be happy to have me answer in blog form (no names or identifying information) – please do send on your question! You can use the contact form on the site, or email me directly at

Tot ziens!