CaterpillarA Very Multilingual Caterpillar!


It was a fantastic, fantastic day. At least in the Children’s Library, where I spent my day (next year I must make it upstairs to have some language fun myself…)!

We saw “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” read live in no less than 15 languages, including a “World Premiere” of author Adriaan van Dis’s “Disspeak”. We streamed a video of the caterpillar in 17 languages, thanks to the hard work of the staff and students at the European School Bergen.
We had multilingual stories with Amsterdam Mamas and Diglot Books. We explored the world with One Globe Kids, and created word theater with Artifact Amsterdam and wrote our stories with Zin en Verzin. We learned about reading together in languages with Theatre Luister. Some lucky children got to do speed language lessons in Italian, Portuguese and Bulgarian, and others learned the basics of Chinese calligraphy. Whatever they were doing, the children were having fun, using, listening and playing in languages.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fantastic day, we hope to see you all again at DRONGO 2015