A quick note to announce that the first edition of the new two-part parenting series will be held in The Hague on September 22 and October 2, 2014.

The first event is the popular “Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success” seminar, which is an evening packed with theoretical and practical knowledge on raising children with two (or more) languages. This seminar is the culmination of years of working with multilingual families, and after listening to their feedback, we are adding a second session, focused on Family Language Planning.
This new workshop is designed to help parents understand the elements of success in Family Language Planning, and how to build a plan that meets the needs of their children. Through the process parents will also gain the knowledge needed to tweak a plan as circumstances dictate, or to come up with a new plan if necessary. Raising successful bilinguals is not always easy or linear, but a good plan, and an understanding of the planning process, will help parents on their way to success.
Registration is open for both sessions, attendance at the Family Language Planning requires prior attendance at the “Raising Bilingual Children” seminar, or attendance at a prior session (please indicate on the registration when/where you attended the “Raising Bilingual Children” seminar).

More information and registration can be found at Passionate Parenting.