5 thoughts on “Multilingualism an Advantage to Nurture, American Academy of Pediatrics Says

  1. eacrisfield says:

    Good for you – I’ve met so many parents who got incorrect advice from pediatricians and some of them, unfortunately, followed that advice and ended up with kids who did not speak one of their family languages.

  2. modiiulia says:

    It is so good to read such articles when you feel discouraged. I have just heard that my son’s vocabulary (Dutch) is not rich enough, also not too poor, but he knows the same words in Romanian and some of them in English too and he is only 4. I am not going to switch on Dutch because of this, I let the teacher work on his Dutch vocabulary, I work on the his Romanian.

    • eacrisfield says:

      Yes Iulia, this is one of my biggest pet peeves with the Dutch system. They place such importance on vocabulary size, but they ignore the fact that bilingual children have as many, if not more words, just not all in Dutch! It penalizes bilingual children for what should be an advantage – being able to speak in more than one language! Don’t be afraid to tell his teachers that it is normal for bilingual children to not have all the words in Dutch that monolingual children have – they will get there, and then surpass. And keep going with the Romanian, that is your job and Dutch is theirs!

      • modiiulia says:

        Yes, I’ve told her and I may tell her again if necessary.
        Thank you Eowyn!


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