Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success

For all my local readers, this Thursday night I am doing a seminar in The Hague. This is a seminar for parents who are already raising bilingual/multilingual children, are thinking about raising bilingual children, or for professionals who work with bilingual children and want to understand them better.
The seminar is part theory – how bilingual children differ from monolinguals, and the benefits of bilingualism, and part practical – what are the ways and means to achieve success for your children. The “six building blocks for success” have been developed out of the work I have done with hundreds of families over the years, and apply to all types of bilingual/multilingual families and family situations.
The seminar is being hosted by Passionate Parenting, you can register through their website, or contact me for details.

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Raising Bilingual Children: Six building blocks for success

  1. Robert Lemstra says:

    Dear Eowyn,
    My wife and I are raising two bilingual children, in Dutch and English. She told me about you through a lecture you gave at the ICTY and was very enthusiastic about it. I have a question, my son (2.5 years) gets much more Dutch because I speak Dutch to him, and my wife speaks English. He seems to be getting much more Dutch -about 5 days, while English with my wife on weekends and in the evenings. I speak only Dutch to him and my wife only English. He is speaking very well for his age, but its very obvious that the Dutch is dominating. He seems to understand all the English spoken to him, but often responds to my wife in Dutch. My question is: Should I speak English to him in the evenings, or on weekends? or on the Monday I am with him?, or will that just really confuse him? I speak English to my wife so he does hear me speak it, but I don’t want him to start speaking a mixture of the two languages. Any tips?
    Thank you,



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