And a Final Roundup of OPOL Stories

Thanks so much to all of you who contributed to my OPOL discussion. To do a final post on this subject (for now) I have two more stories to share with you.

Ute, from Expat Since Birth, shares the story of how her multilingual kids communicate: OPOL among multilingual siblings.

Gail Charrion shares her family journey to OPOL (thankfully bypassing some very bad advice) on her blog here: Hello World – it’s an OPOL success story, and inspired her to write Italian/English bilingual books for her kids (Pippo and Poppy).

Enjoy their stories, and I’ll be back next week.

2 thoughts on “And a Final Roundup of OPOL Stories

  1. bilingualtranslationmatters says:

    Thank you for highlighting my OPOL success! I think the key is to stick with it, even if it seems ‘different’ along the way, as the breakthrough moment will surely arrive. Keep to your respective mother tongues and resist the temptation to speak in your partners language in front of the kids (if you are fluent in both!); this keeps the pronunciation pure and their understanding crystal clear. They will start to switch from one language to another where appropriate….have faith and watch the most natural thing in the world take place 🙂
    My bilingual book and apps are in Italian and English (Pippo and Poppy go to the Seaside/Pippo e Poppy vanno al mare) however my children are asking for more, so watch this space!


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