Different Perspectives on OPOL

Since I published this blog, two bloggers that I know and love to read have posted their stories and their take on the OPOL issue, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Stephanie Meade of InCultureParent shares her family’s OPOL experiment here: Why OPOL Doesn’t Always Work.

Annabelle Humanes of the piri-piri lexicon tells of her journey from OPOL researcher to OPOL parent here: From linguist to mum: looking back

I’d love to hear your OPOL stories if you’d like to share them too.

6 thoughts on “Different Perspectives on OPOL

  1. Annabelle says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post. OPOL is often the first recommended strategy to multilingual families but may not be the most logical or the one that will help their kids the most. Because the other methods are not as much researched or well-known doesn’t mean they are not good or better! Great that so many writers are getting the word out!

  2. Stephanie-InCultureParent says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my article! OPOL has definitely been an uphill struggle for us and we definitely don’t have the “perfectly” bilingual kids we expected when they were born. But thanks to so many great people and sites, like yours, publishing more and more conversations around bilingualism, I am hopeful that with everything we know now, we will one day have kids that are as comfortable conversing in Arabic as they are in English.


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