Tired, tired, tired… seriously more brain work in three days than in the last three months (maybe even more).

1. Issues in Bilingualism: Bilinguals have better “Executive Control”, ergo, bilinguals are better at multi-tasking… (my own extrapolation).

2. Bilingual Education in Wales: Today’s topic was language use in schools. Question: Should teachers (or can teachers) enforce language choices in the classroom? Strangely, my instinctive answer is that it is okay to “force” use of a minority language, but not to force use of English (as the majority language). Have to ponder that one.

3. Dynamic Bilingual Education: We have long talked about language “maintenance” for Mother Tongue/heritage/first languages. Garcia suggests a better paradigm is to consider language “sustainability” – not to have language stay the same but to allow for language continuation and growth. Like.

4. Code-switching: If you take the time to hook people up to EEG machines, and to design tasks that evaluate grammar, you may get evidence of how people perceive code-switching. Apparently I am a big-picture person and not a detail-person.

Poster session: Presented a poster on the teacher-training project I have been doing with the British School of Amsterdam for the last three years. Now I must take everyone’s advice and make it into a PhD, or write a book, or or or… all great ideas but I am too tired right now.