Serious talking about bilingualism…

A fitting event for my “Year of Talking About Bilingualism”, today I came to Leeuwarden, in Friesland, not in hopes of seeing the famous Elfstedentocht (11-cities ice race), but to attend a conference on multilingualism in Europe. This first evening was an informal reception and I was in a group of people who wanted to do nothing more than talk about bilingualism. Participants have come from all over Europe to discuss their work, on subjects as varied as teaching writing in Norwegian to teacher-training for Irish-language schools in Northern Ireland. It promises to be two more days filled with new research, policy discussions and collaborative learning.
Stay tuned, and I’ll updated on interesting subjects over the next few days.
For more information on the seminar, go to

One thought on “Serious talking about bilingualism…

  1. gaelicmediummum says:

    Ooh, I see there’s someone speaking about Gaelic in the nursery setting tomorrow afternoon. That would be interesting because that’s the position that my son is in. I hope you have a good couple of days.


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