In my self-declared Year of Talking About Bilingualism, one thing I would like to encourage is “audience participation” on my blog.
I have a lot to say about bilingualism, but I’m sure that many people who read my blog have a lot they want to ask about bilingualism. When I do seminars and workshops it often looks like popcorn in the room, with hands going up all the time, all over the place. I always encourage the audience to ask questions, and do my best to answer them in my allotted time frame. Inevitably, this leads to some (or many) questions not being answered, especially the ones pertaining to unique family circumstances.
I’ve noticed the numbers reading my blog creep up over the last weeks (thank you!) but so far, no discussion.
I’d like to invite all my readers to use the comment section to ask questions, to dialogue with each and to let me know what subjects are of pressing concern to you. Above all, I want this blog to be useful to my readers, so please, Dear Readers, let me know what useful would be for you!
I’ll be waiting for the first question/comment and make my next blog entry on that topic. First come, first served!