Today’s blog post is mostly publicity – apologies in advance.
Tomorrow evening, December 7, I am giving a seminar entitled “Raising Bilingual Children”, in The Hague. I do similar seminars several times a year, in The Hague (through Passionate Parenting), as well as in other locations in the Netherlands, hosted by a variety of cultural groups and companies.
My goal for these seminars is to give the maximum of information to parents in a minimum of time. At a recent session in Amsterdam, a parent remarked that the presentation covered material that it took her two years to gather on her own. This is exactly what I am trying to do – parents are busy these days, and raising children with more than one language is just another topic parents need to learn about. The resources are vast, from books written from a strictly parental point of view, to thick tomes of research (anything by Colin Baker is a good bet). What I intend to do in these 2-hour seminars is to condense the most important information for parents to know, and present it in a way that makes it accessible and memorable.
The seminars are structured to give the parents a framework for making decisions about their children’s bilingual journeys, as well as to help them identify best practice for their family situations. Thus, we cover the basics of bilingual theory, as well as the practical aspects of the bilingual journey.
By the end of the session, each family should have a better idea of how to envision and carry out their own bilingualism strategy for their children.
If you would like to attend a seminar, there are still a few spaces left for tomorrow night. If you would like to have a seminar where you live, or in your company, or schedule a Family Language Planning session, please feel free to visit my website